Prospective Spaces

February 22, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

I ended up looking at a space last Friday. It looks like it would be a great fit. This will be the fourth attempt to secure a location. Fingers crossed, it will all turn out for the best. What is perhaps most interesting about this process is recognizing how each option creates a variation on the vision, the physical parameters, as well as the projected annual fees create small changes in the administrative organization of the project. Because it’s the fourth space I’ve looked at and tried to commit to, I don’t have the same childish giddy that came about upon seeing the first in the West Loop. I think instead it’s like a kid promised a pony on Christmas. The child imagines the pony he goes to see the next day will be the one. After being tossed off on four separate occasions, the child is perhaps more shrewd. In other words, I’ll see how it goes. In the meantime the process of looking necessarily develops the concept each time, which is maybe why it is an encouraging process.

This used to be a real estate office, so there are a number of interior cubicles, most of which I imagine I’d tear out. That said, I think it might be interesting to keep a “conference room” what could be used for both administrative meetings (of the green lantern group, artists, writers, reading groups, or office mates).

the prospective cafe/bar/bookstore area

hallway between the front/cafe area and the proposed performance space

the stairs upstairs to the proposed gallery space (what is currently partitioned into offices). yes there are two stories

the upstairs minikitchen. hahahaha.

the office beside the kitchenette

yes. there is also an elevator. again. hahahahahaha. an elevator. its creepy and rickety inside.

down the corridor, office cubicles on either side, looking toward the stairs i just came up.


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