Images from the Opening & bookending snowstorms (PA & IL)

February 10, 2010

posted by caroline picard

There was this snowstorm:

Which I drove through at seven in the morning, in an effort to retrieve a missing box. Said box contained three pieces that were intended to be in the show that was opening on that same Saturday night. While I had a feeling no delivery man could brave such circumstances, nevertheless, I hoped. I thought, “maybe fedex is like the commercials.”


We did, however have a good opening.

one of the items in the box was nick butcher’s record….

Deb Sokolow’s work was also in the same box, along with several copies of the Gazette. Luckily we posted notes on the gallery wall, and the box arrived on Monday and everything is now installed. So. If you want to check out the show in its entirety (and perhaps with a little less snow) go to the closing!

Rebecca’s flight had been canceled the following day, and as part of an improv-low-fi performance, I walked around with my phone on speaker phone; I was on hold with United for over an hour. And they played Gershwin over and over and over again.

Fortunately I did make it back on Sunday.

And then, on Tuesday, it started snowing once more.


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