Installation at FLUXspace

February 5, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

With one box still in transit and one artist still to arrive, we’ve nevertheless managed to put the space together. In fact, everything looks to be in pretty good shape. Isolated Fictions is set to open up this Saturday–there is supposed to be a giant snow storm. Since I’ve arrived here, it’s all anyone can talk about; so much so, that even when we got home at midnight, a man walking in front of the house, talking into his phone, shook his head and said snow snow snow snow. If you ask me, though, I think twelve inches of snow on the opening of the Georgia Gazette show is right and proper. In any case, here are some images of the progressing day….

host and director Angela Jerardi outside the space

Xerxes : studio cat and helper

outside of fluxspace

Rebecca Grady and Angela in the studio portion of the wherehouse

the empty gallery

stairs from the gallery/studio space to the front entrance

Devin King's letterpress piece came from Boston

Rebecca starts on her installation

First piece hung; thank you Carmen Price (Rebecca said it was a good thing because it set the tone for the room)

O man. And this one! This piece by Rebecca took forever to hang in Providence because we (or I should say Devin, because I really had nothing to do with it in RI) didn't realize until halfway through that the hangers on the back were positioned differently. In other words you can't measure one and then figure out where to put every nail for every other frame based on that one. You have to measure each different frame. I had been nervous about this all day. But. I measured each one (fighting every natural inclination of my generally casual, avoiding of tedious exercise nature) and well. it worked! just needs to be straightened out with some putty on the back. (tricks)

Devin's peice: check

Devin read a portion of this hanging piece at the release paty at the Whistler

Jason Dunda's gouache "The Tower"

Fluxspace's magic electrical box


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