Coming this Thursday: Night at the Opera

January 26, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

The Rhino Festival showcases a host of talent during its annual enterprise. You can find out about all of the various things going on by going here.

That said, The Green Lantern Press is about to release a long poem (‘CLOPS.’) by this gentleman, one Devin King, who performed a “b-side” of his opera project at Elastic last year.

Prior to Elastic, Devin performed a one-man opera with Sean O’Connell  in its entirety at a church on North Avenue. Last year, the opera was about Don Quixote, Phil Spectre’s head, Elvis and a Betty.

This year it’s about Haydn’s head and Madame X. This is the blurb, but you should come!

Madame X Paints Haydn Red

by Devin King

Three people trapped in a recording studio arguing about their debut: “I thought I turned you off…such a historicizing of the echo.” Madame X Paints Haydn Red is an operetta that deals with youth culture stuck in a soundproof room moving between centuries of recording technology: Joseph Haydn’s head stolen by phrenologists; the Jam re-recording the Kinks’ David Watts; RCA color-coding their new 45 rpm records; “Opera is a shoddy refuge for emotional dishonesty.” The musicians evolve with their recording techniques and all the while Madame X paints Haydn red.


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