Excerpts from Félix Fénéon

January 15, 2010

posted by Caroline Picard

written by Félix Fénéon

This book has made its way around our house over the last few months. I seem to find it always in a new place, as it strikes someone’s fancy, is picked up, settled into and set down again. In those instances, I, similalrly, pick it up to look at and set it down again. It’s kind of like a game. Fénéon wrote anonymously for the French newspaper, Le Matin in 1906. He submitted the following “stories,” true life stories of the day. What I found particularly interesting is how much they read like blog posts. Anyway, here are some examples:

excerpt from:

Novels in Three Lines



translated by Luc Sante

& published by new york review books


A Parisian singer, of Rue Saint-Antoine, M. Henry Nonnoy, 31, drowned at the cape of Champigny while bathing.


Five hundred francs have been promised by M. Delarue to whomever can locate, within the next 10 days, his son, parish priest of Chatenay.


Fire has destroyed the entire contents of the apartment inhabited by the Toupiner couple at 14 Rue de l’école Polytechnique.


Mme Céline Larue, 43, whose apartment is on the fifth floor, on Chaussée du Pont in Boulonge, fell out the window. Dead.


In Carrieres-sous-Bois, M. Chercuitte fished out a man, his flannels monogrammed H.J., who had been in the Seine for around two weeks.


Pauline Rivera, 20, repeatedly stabbed, with a hatpin, the face of the inconstant Luthier, a dishwasher of Chatou, who had underestimated her.


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