Terri Griffith in Time Out Chicago!

December 9, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

Jonathan Messinger wrote an awesome piece about Terri and her new book. I thought I’d post an excerpt here. And then of course, you can go here to read the entire thing!

Nothing feels good

A debut novel builds drama from doldrums.

By Jonathan Messinger

BETTER LIVING Griffith is all smiles after the release of her debut novel.

Someone forgot to tell Terri Griffith that all first novels are supposed to be autobiographical.

Liz, the protagonist of Griffith’s So Much Better (Green Lantern, $20), is defined by her detachment. She works at a credit union during the day and lives with her girlfriend whom she rarely sees at night, and as the book moves along, it’s clear she’s a loner. She wears her detachment as a badge to ward off potential friends.

But when we meet up with Griffith at a South Loop coffee shop to discuss the book, she’s anything but detached. In fact, she’s all smiles about the fact that her book is out in the world after nearly a decade of trying to place it. And she has the good grace to acknowledge the tiny victories that mark a new literary career.

“I sent it out, with I think tremendous success,” she says. “I probably sent 50 queries and got the book read 40 times. I’ve had agents read the book and call me, and I’ve had lovely letters from editors. It’s sad that I have to judge everything by the kindness of the rejection.”

Read more: http://chicago.timeout.com/articles/books/81009/terri-griffith-discusses-so-much-better#ixzz0Z7wrDZK3

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