The Travelers

November 8, 2009

posted by Heather McShane

I have been involved in a number of collaborative projects recently and have surprised myself in the process. For example, I sang in the video below, which is something especially surprising if you know how shy and quiet I can be at times.

The song, the video, are in response to a poem by Laura Schell who wrote a poem in response to a Gwendolyn Brooks poem. I like this response begetting response begetting response begetting—

So here is Laura’s poem, followed by my video (which, I warn, you might want to watch only once):

The Travelers
by Laura Schell

They keep their pennies in a jelly jar.
It rocks in the glove box of their rusty car.
The tires swell into the tar of the road,
They haven’t gone far.

Two who are changing.
Two who have yet to live their day,
But are not sure of when to start
And what they are going to pay.

And praying . . .
Praying, with eyes shut and fingers crossed,
They grow accustomed to the smells their upholstery has arrayed
of library books and gum and trash and Windex, soda
cans, plastic and mold.

And the video:

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