Minutes (Chicago-on-the-bus)

September 10, 2009

posted and written by Caroline Picard

I just wanted to recount this amazing conversation I overheard on the bus last weekend. The woman was speaking to herself, though by the way she spoke, the way she paused in between phrases it sounded as though she was speaking to another. She also sounded very calm and a little tender, as though she spoke to a younger sibling (she was 45 or so).

“Oh, I see. She’s an underling employee.

“The only one who would wear that is a gay man or a designer.

“He never loved us anyway. Only when he gets drunk.

“I don’t think she is mentally sound. I think she is very good at stealing.

“You can take a stroll down memory lane. Through your childhood.

“But to make judgements he comes at the world from an elite perspective. Someday I’ll be able to afford that.

“She’s brilliant and you’re stupid. Now get out. I’ll tell you I’ve certainly gotten into enough trouble in my life.

“I would have thought that just milling around the show room would have got you at least six thousand dollars.”

and then she got off the bus.


One Response to “Minutes (Chicago-on-the-bus)”

  1. Seriously–maybe she was conversing with someone–someone invisible to you.
    Whatever the reality–it is a great conversation.

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