Minutes (Chicago)

September 2, 2009

posted & written by Caroline Picard


  • A man walked into a cafe with a parrot in a soft sac. He purchased a cup of coffee and a scone. He did not have a pony tail, but he was wearing turquoise.
  • A middle-aged woman on the Chicago bus leaned over to her seat mate. She had short sleeves on and she turned her wrist over, to show it’s underside to the approximate stranger. She pointed to a speck on her arm. “I thought I’d suddenly grown a mole, but I realized it was just a booger. A fleck of snot.” She giggled like a girl. When her seatmate did not respond the woman acquired a distant look and, for a few minutes, stared off into space. Suddenly she grew animated again, again turning to the gentleman beside her. “Do you know they call the Chicago bus ‘The Love Bus?'”
  • A man in a taupe suit walked down Le Hoyne in Humboldt Park. He was a shiny man. He looked very clean and didn’t appear to sweat. He wore a tie and a white shirt and likely wore a very nice watch. For all intents and purposes, he was a classy man. At his feet, a little fluffy Labrador puppy hopped, almost like a bunny rabbit. The puppy was not on a leash and the man tried to herd it with his feet. Several paces behind them, three children–two girls and a boy–walked with a Rottweiler. The rotweiler walked on its two back feet, leaning into the leash and hopping forward, its eyes concentrated on the puppy ahead. The children laughed and the man in the suit turned regularly around, nervous. The man and the boy locked eyes. “When my dog’s in the neighborhood,” the boy said, “When my boy comes around, he goes DEEP!”

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