Minutes (Chicago)

August 27, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

  • At five o’clock this morning I saw a man on the corner of Milwaukee, North and Damen–an old Scandanavian fellow with a five o’clock shadow and the paunch a skinny man gets when he’s old. I remember he had very wiry ankles. His body was riddled with viens–thick chords that wrapped around his bones, underneath his skin. His skin looked thick and course. The skin of an expeditionist. I suspect he climbed Kilamanjaro once. Perhaps also the Pyramids. He may have even practiced bizarro rituals in the Andes…At any rate he kept clapping his hands together, doing a sidestep dance to the passing cars. And then every fifth car he dropped his pants and spanked himself on the ass. Hooting like he’d just lept from a sauna into the snow. It reminded me of Jean le Phd–the cut Korean fellow who used to dance in short shorts with no shirt at the very same spot. He appeared in the neighborhood two years ago or something. Someone told me that he’d come from California, where he tripped on acid for 12 days straight, again, dancing in the streets. I haven’t seen Jean in a couple of years and someone told me he died in a car accident. I like to think that the Scandahoovian was paying tribute his predecessor. They were, after all, assuming the same corner.

3 Responses to “Minutes (Chicago)”

  1. LOL. claps for the last sentence…

  2. mm…revise that to ‘clap’

  3. as in ‘the clap’

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