Minutes (Chicago)

August 25, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

  • A man calls a healer. He says “My mother is dying.” “Put a silver bowl over your belly button,” she says. “You must protect your chakra.”
  • An older cousin calls a younger cousin. “I spoke to your father,” the older cousin says. “My father is dead,” says the younger. “Yes,” says the older cousin. “But I met with a psychic and your father came to visit us.”
  • Franz Mesmer used cyrstal glass to conjure spirits. He liked best of all to sooth hysterical women, particularly the wealthy ones. When the women came to visit him he had them sit in tubs with warm water. Beads of glass were inside of the tubs and he ran an electrical current through the water to soothe the women. He wore velvet robes and carried a wand. He was also very expensive. When in France, Mesmer developed quite a reputation. The King therefore asked Benjamin Franklin to investigate Mesmer’s practice to see if, in fact, it had any merit. Mesmer fled Paris.

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