August 12, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard


I’ll be the first to admit that blog posts have been pretty weak lately. While I don’t apologize for the Minutes (I’ve had a good time writing those), additional posts over the course of the day have been scarce at best. Rest assured, that only points to a rash of interior activitiy; that is, activity behind the scenes.

You see, Nick is moving out to Chicago with Paulina. The three of us are going to try to work out the next manifestation of the Green Lantern. That means finding a new space, getting all the licensing in place etc. The point is, they are moving this September, so they’ve been busy. Meantime, I’ve been looking at some new spaces and laying out our new books…all of that. So you see. It’s been busy.

The first books we’re going to release are the North Georgia Gazette and Stephanie Brooks’ “Love Is Like a A Flower.” What is awesome is that the Whistler is kind enough to host a release party on Tuesday September 1st. Lily Robert-Foley will be in town and will read from her excerpts, a second reader (TBA) will read excerpts from other parts of the book. Following that, Devin King and Mike Thibaut will do a reading/performance in response to the Gazette and following that, Nick Butcher of Sonnenzimmer will do a live music performace. This event will be free. It will start at 8pm and it should be amazing. I’m trying to convince John Huston to make it. Again, we’ll see.

Also that first week in September, 57th Street Books has also agreed to host a reading/release down in Hyde Park. Those details will be posted shortly, but if you’d rather check us out down in Hyde Park, the more the merrier.


One Response to “Upcomings”

  1. I’m moving back to the heartland (Minneapolis), so I’ll be in town-ish looking for an apartment that week. Hopefully, hopefully I’ll be able to make it to this party. So exciting!

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