Minutes (Chicago) : If your neighbors don’t do the same, they could come back.

August 11, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

(with a quote supplied by Peter Speer)


  • Two blind man stand with sunglasses on, smoking in front of the hipster optician’s store on Milwaukee Avenue. Their walking sticks lay at different hypotenal angles, sticking into the narrow walkway, crossing paths with haphazard pedestrians. “Bed bugs are real,” said the one blind man. “I’m telling you.” “No fucking way,” says the other.
  • Two young men discovered they had bed bugs in their mattress. So they threw the mattress out in the back alley. Within an hour the mattress was missing. Gone to a new home. One of them called his mother, because he thought it was funny–imagining his bed bugs in someone else’s house. “Throwing the mattress out is not the solution,” his mother said. “That’s like kissing away herpes. You have to treat the mattress with poison, then sleep on it to bait the bugs.” The son hung up disappointed.

One Response to “Minutes (Chicago) : If your neighbors don’t do the same, they could come back.”

  1. “..bait the bugs..” LOL! merci…lol

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