Editing Sarah Palin

July 21, 2009

Posted by Nick Sarno

Okay, good. As many of you may already know, or have heard, Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska has resigned and is no longer the governor of Alaska. She had done many things for Alaskans and for Alaska, both in Alaska and as vice presidential nominee, none of which were politics as usual but, rather, looking forward to building the road to the future, a smaller government, and support our troops. In a speech outside of her home in the great state of Alaska, she gave her reasons for her resignation, such as wasteful spending, the success of her administration and continuing that administration’s success, and creating more special needs babies. While some may be content to see a big government wasting tax payer’s hard earned money, many of you are not, and neither is she. By stepping down, she has stood up to the waste and lies of false accusations, ethics and the liberal media bias. Now, yesterday, Vanity Fair, a member of such a liberal media, has printed a desecration of her speech, which has come to represent an iconic representation of a governor’s successful administration in a state such as Alaska and of stepping down as governor of such as state. Though the elite editors of the socialist magazine may have attempted to twist her words beyond recognition, using them to further fan the flames of their partisanism, the red felt of their elitist pens could never truly silence the words which were written, and then spoken, by Sarah Palin. So, please, read the speech and, if you can, set aside your politics and your partisan bias. See through the red ink of a big government and wasted spendings and, with your own heart, read the words as they were originally written. Also, God, troops, road to the future and no more politics as usual. Thank you and God bless.


The rest of which to be read can be found by clicking on and following the link which is here. Troops.


One Response to “Editing Sarah Palin”

  1. Was that *really* her actual script? If so, who in their right mind writes “Okay, good” as the formal introduction to her prepared remarks? Who formally scripts their informal, off-the-cuff asides? I’ll tell you who – someone who is completely fake and insincere and is only pretending to be one of us.

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