Dream Catch This :

July 18, 2009

posted & written by Caroline Picard


I’d like to suggest that the dream catcher was a cross-over point. A symbol adopted first as an ironic joke, it became a gateway through which suburbanites could pass, adopting dreaded and feral identities which grew in earnest. Through the dream catcher they took their acid trips seriously, practiced other rituals, killing chickens before a haunted house, growing mushrooms in tupperwear boxes, burning incense. wearing moccasins, beaded bracelets, feathers, animal t-shirts, drug rugs, etc., There was a motion towards the indiginous, or (rather) cultivated ideas of indigenous. And while those ideas were themselves created, painted through relative ignorance, they were perpetuated with a certain Romanticism and seriousness. An attempted (and failed society spectacle) rebellion against or reaction to the super-plastic-clean-controlled environment of comfort malls.


3 Responses to “Dream Catch This :”

  1. so birthed the plastic shaman

  2. urbesque Says:

    yes! i think so exactly.
    last night i was thinking about oija board also. i wonder if those could count as another sort of gateway that begins in irony and then creates a feeling of interior movement (i.e. spookiness).
    dunno yet.

    • “Oija board” = creepy. Don’t even like typing the words. But yes-in regard to interior psyche. Strange thought–playing with the board won’t get you killed. Playing ‘plastic shaman’ can and has… Your thoughts are swimming in dark waters.

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