Categorical Archetypes: Guess Who

July 16, 2009

posted & written by Caroline Picard


Tall. Lanky. Often boys. Very very skinny. Generally brunettes. They have no facial hair. There hair is wild. Nappy but not dreaded to any cohesion. It looks like a fro comprised of thin strands. Faded fluorescent tye-dye t-shirts, sometimes with medicine bags, often cut-ff shorts cut off just above the knee, keds or moccasins or slip on shoes. Sometimes headbands: thin elastic strips of fabric that circle the top portion of the head, over the hair, crossing the forehead, above the ears. Bright eyes. They think about the woods and faeries and sprites. They do not think about adults. Often with a bike slung over their shoulder. They typically inhabit urban places.


One Response to “Categorical Archetypes: Guess Who”

  1. laughing oh so much it hurts

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