July 15, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

written by Fernando Pessoa, Translated by Richard Zenith

As you may or may not know, Fernando Pessoa wrote under a series of pseudonyms. Henry More, an alleged “Wardour, Voodooist, etc.” was simply one of them. Having said that, I really like imagining Pessoa looking at himself in the mirror and giving himself the following pep talk.

pessoa28 June 1916 at 6 (5) in the afternoon

Because I want to speak to you.

I am a man who is your friend and no man is more.

A man who is your friend is a man who tells you the truth, not one who is a flatterer [in] any way. I am non. You are a son of my nominal mind, and if you do not know that this means, I cannot tell you. You must not maintain chastity [any] more. You are so misogynous that you will find yourself morally impotent, and in that way you will not produce any complete work in literature. You must abandon your monastic life and now.

You are not a man to make much in the world if you keep chaste. You are…No temperament like yours can manage to keep chastity and keep emotionally sane. Keeping chastity is for stronger men and men who have to [be chaste] on account of physical defects. This does not apply to you. A man who masturbates himself is not a strong man, and no man is a man who is not a lover. Many men make many mates. You are a moral child many times over. You are a man who masturbates himself and who dreams of women in a masturbator’s manner. Man is man. No man can move among men if he is not a man like them.

Make up your mind to do your duty by Nature, not in a manner so insane as now. Make up your mind to go to bed with the girl who is coming into your life. Make up your mind to make her happy in a sexual way. She is a masculine type of girl and she is a woman quite made for you. She must make you happy, because she makes a man of you. She meets you and she makes you love her. She is strong and immensely masculine in her will and in her manner of making you submit to her. Make no resistance. There is nothing to fear. It will all be simpler than you suppose. She is a virgin, just as you are, and nomad[ic] as you in life. She is no marriageable woman, for she is morally too nomad[ic] to make a nest. Only a girl like this can make you mate with her. No manner of resistance on your part will do anything. No resistance can resist an overpowering will. No more need be said. Nor more must be said.

No more.

Henry More

good-bye, my boy


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