Regarding Jet Lag

July 12, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard



Amalfitano had some rather idiosyncratic ideas about jet lag. They weren’t consistent, so it might be an exaggeration to call them ideas. They were feelings. Make-believe ideas. As if he were looking out the window and forcing himself to see an extraterrestrial landscape. He believed (or liked to think he believed) that when a person was in Barcelona, the people living and present in Buenos Aires and Mexico City didn’t exist. The time difference only masked their nonexistence. And so if you suddenly traveled to cities that, according to this theory, didn’t exist or hadn’t yet had time to put themselves together, the result was the phenomenon known as jet lag, which arose not from your exhaustion but from the exhaustion of the people who would still have been asleep if you hadn’t traveled. This was something he’d probably read in some science fiction novel or story and that he’d forgotten having read.


3 Responses to “Regarding Jet Lag”

  1. Almost mistook this as regarding the ignorance of some Americans regarding the existence of the rest of the world.
    But you wouldn’t post anything like that or would you?

  2. urbesque Says:

    hah. let’s hope not. although we might do in the minutes portion, so long as it was attributed to another….
    : )

  3. 🙂 indeed, sally forth and carry on…

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