Minutes (San Francisco)

July 7, 2009


  • On the street, one man saw another man who looked similar. Similar height, similar built, similar features. So the first man followed the second. He went out of his way by several blocks to get a sense of how people view him when he walks.
  • The second man knew he was being followed after two blocks, because he was paranoid and had just come off of 6th Street. He thinks most people are following him, and on the street he is usually technically correct, but this time he actually correct. The second man added half high steps and backward walks to his usual forward gait.
  • Two homeless men were swapping clothes on a sidestreet, because there are no alleys in San Francisco. One was a head taller than the other, but they both seemed relieved to be donning fresh clothes.
  • Six sailors stood around on leave giving directions to a young Hispanic woman. The young sailors relished in the casual nature of civilian life, where talking to a pretty lady can be non-sexual and non-hierarchical. Everyone walked away from the interaction pleased with the outcome.

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