Minutes (San Francisco)

July 6, 2009


• At the halfway house at the top of the hill, two men argued about the mindset of topography. One was sick of the other calling the area at the bottom of Hayes Street, the “Hayes Valley.” He screamed that it’s at the bottom of the hill, it’s not a valley. He pointed out that not every time you go down a hill do you descend into a valley. He finished with the fact that you never go back up a hill on the other side, so it doesn’t even feel like a proper symmetrical valley. One of the smokers watching turned to his friend and said, “The Shenandoa, now that’s a valley.”

• A 6-year old at the bus stop with his young mother was doing the moonwalk.

• At the coffee-stall, the kids were exchanging 4th of July stories. One loudly declared that he developed a new invention that was going to “revolutionize things.” He told everyone there the nature of his invention, but one by one and mouth to ear to make sure that each knew it was a secret.

• A homeless man set up a garage sale on Market Street to clear out some of his excesses.

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