An Implausibility of Gnus

June 29, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

Tobias’ book is out! And it’s beautiful. A super-high end limited edition of 25, An Implausibility of Gnus comes in a box with individual story cards, beveled corners and all, on the inside. It’s great and it’s absurdly cheap. So check out the link and pick one up!

In the words of publishers, Another New Calligraphy:

An Implausibility of Gnus is the product of Bengelsdorf’s compulsive pick-pocketing from the coats of the American psyche. Over 30 short and shorter stories pack into the collection, each revealing sparkling tidbits of the ordinary or ordinary disclosures of the fantastical: kitchen slop and siphophores, travel and murder. Connect the dots if you care to, or just marvel at the rounded corners and think about swimming.

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