I could drink coffee all day surveying this land

June 20, 2009

posted & written by Caroline Picard


In this town the men go slowly mad from the hyper

pitch of mermaids singing the women can’t hear

and not knowing the cause, attribute their sanity to their strength.


After the oil spill they moved and stayed and tore down all the highway signs lest others like them arrive.

They built mismatched matchbook houses like homesteaders and with their hands–

Often enough these collapse in the often earthquakes

but instead of pickets the ocean fits in every picture frame window


The children wear neckties to school, to hide their lost-ness over the often hill


In protest the women took off their clothes and

spelled PEACE with their corpulence

messages to the moon                         it is customary to often say namasdeh agar under the tongue


Last year the children beat a vagrant to death all the parents were sleeping on the tennis courts

it left a sinister feeling

And when Alistair roused himself, a tennis ball his pillow, he suddenly remarked on the age of his hands which were bigger than he’d  seen them before he had often fancied himself

he always fancied himself

he always often fancied himself a lad

Sadly and later on same afternoon he, like many, fell into the garden well on accident broke the glass


Kantners at the beach waiting still for their house to take off



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