The Book Launch: A Note from the CUL

June 11, 2009

posted by caroline picard

Nell Taylor <>
A D Jameson <>

We, the Chicago Underground Library, want to launch your book. On a catapult. We’re not kidding.

If you have recently finished writing a book, or have published your first book in the past year (or just feel like taking out some aggression on a publication of your choice), we invite you to celebrate by launching your work into space–or at least halfway down the block.

In addition to the catapult book launch, we’re hosting a science fair so that you can receive proper admiration for your work. Now is your chance to explain to the world what’s so special about your fiction, poetry, non-fiction, art book, or any publication…by means of a diorama, poster, or tri-fold board. Baking soda volcanoes are welcome, colorful graphs encouraged. Here are just a few examples of what you might do (provability not required– did you ever actually DO any of those experiments you turned in, anyway?):

-Plot the effects that prolonged exposure to an audio recording of your poetry has on cattle grazing patterns over a six month period.

-Place a page of your manuscript in three different kinds of potting soil: plain (control), loved (variable 1), and unloved (variable 2).

-Design the ideal underwater adventure suit for your novel’s hero, whether or not your novel at any point occurs underwater.

Because space is limited, if you’d like to participate in the science fair, we’ll need a short proposal for any table-top display, due by 20 June. (We’ll squeeze in as many as we can, but space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.) Note that we have near-unlimited room for wall poster displays. Out-of-town writers are encouraged to submit posters,
rather than moping at home all night on Facebook.

The Logistics:

10 July 2009, 7­10pm
CUL Science Fair + Book Launch
(an official Printers’ Ball lead-up event)

Featuring the dazzling debut of the Chicago Underground Library’s Public
Drop Boxes!
+ Debutantes! A Raffle! Prizes!

At the Jupiter Outpost (1139 W. Fulton Market, Chicago)
Food and drink will be available for sale
+ you should feel free to BYOB

Best of All: It’s Free!
Tell all of your friends!

Nell Taylor <>
A D Jameson <>


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