The Book of Genesis

June 10, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard


I was reading through the New Yorker the other day and came across a spread dedicated to R. Crumb’s illustrated version of Genesis. While the article is relatively short, it describes the difficulty of the subject matter–namely that Crumb “who says he suspects God exists” intended initially to do an interpretative version of the text, and then decided to illustrate the original. Because, he says, the original is so weird and so patriarchal.Whether complicit or critical, I don’t know, but I loved this paragraph of Francoise Mouly’s article:

“Since 1990, Crumb and his wife, the artist Aline Kominksy-Crumb, have lived in a medieval village in southern France. Aline decided that the [Genesis-illustration] project required monastic isolation, so she found her husband a shepherd’s hut and brought him baskets of food. ‘That’s why I dedicated the book to her,’ he says.”

Mostly because I like imagining Aline outlining her argument for why monastic isolation is so necessary.


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