A Daily Constitutional

June 5, 2009

posted by caroline picard

Daily Constitutional : A Publication for the

Artist’s Voice

I came across this fantastic publication about a year ago and keep meaning to make a blog post of it. At long last. The Daily Constitutional is a handsome publication made by artists with submissions dealing with the meta-conversation of being an artist. Their mission is as follows: The mission of this publication is to provide an outlet and forum for the individual Artist’s voice, rather than the cacophony that is the art world at large (galleries, critics, curators, museums, patrons and finally the artists themselves). To provide a place to express, exchange and discuss, without interpretation, the artist’s opinions, ideas and discoveries within one’s practice. This publication can only be made possible, through a collaboration of individual Artists.

One of my favorite entries features (which I, sadly, can’t find at the moment) features a submission letter from an American artist to a European gallery (I want to say Finland?). At any rate, the artist went to the trouble to translate his/her submission into aforementioned esoteric European language; the gallery in the meantime replied in English, with a translation of the artist’s query, thereby revealing all of the humorous typos contained in the original correspondence. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, always beautiful (handsome images accompany the text), I am regularly struck by the obvious hard work contained in each issue.

I have included one submission (this I could find) from issue no. 2, summer 2006.


by Christopher Lee

1. Dada to prada.

2. Lifestyle as content.

3. I used to be a black artist.

4. The here and now permeated with a sense of dread and unease.

5. Matthew Marxism, Inc.

6. The conscientious consumer.

7. Money changes everything.

8. The power of pastels to convey radical social critique.

9. Paintings meant to persuade free market liberal democracies to become social utopias.

10. Poetry und sodomie.


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