Twilight of the Vanities Official Release

May 28, 2009

posted by caroline picard

Caroline Picard, Twilight of the Vanities
Opening Saturday, May 30th from 7-10pm
Show runs until Sunday, June 28th
Reading on Sunday, June 14th, time TBD

Caroline Picard is working a new novel entitled “Happy Endings.” This work-in-progress is about a group of hipsters living in Philadelphia and the events which led them to their current position in life. Entangling shallow personalities are complicated with transparent glimmers of childhood. The past becomes present, flattening out through night-time banter and its invariable avoidance of grief. The present has to lead somewhere.

To accompany “Happy Endings,” Picard will show a series of “portraits” based on peripheral characters in the book. She combines aspects of drawing, gouache, and collage into beautifully delicate compositions. These abstract works serve as intuitive meditations of the characters she has constructed. A fleshy pallet with spikes of black, hot pink, blue and gold mix together to form intricate pattern work; in each painting, specific aesthetics of each individual are recomposed into an ornate and impenetrable surface.  The gouache mingles with swatches of dollhouse wallpaper, connecting the character’s present personas to their early years.

Fifty hand bound copies of the book will be available for purchase for $20.

And then, outside, on the stoop with all of his dumb bags all over again, everyone else inside because they aren’t ready to leave yet, Tobias just starts to cry. Finally. And he can’t get up even thou gh he feels stupid crying in the midst this city, and all its people—all its pretty people with funny clothes and fancy tattoos and stylish jokes—all of his fans, he can’t help but cry and when he finally does he can’t stop until Fletcher finally finds him in the eaves of a doorway to a store that’s closed for the night. And then Fletcher finally hugs him and tells him that it’s going to be alright. I promise, buddy, we’ll get through this.

Caroline Picard is the Founding Director of The Green Lantern Gallery & Press and a Co-Editor for the literary podcast The Parlor . Her writing has been published in a handful of publications including Featherproof’s mini books, NewCity, the Chicago Art Journal Review and Proximity Magazine. Her artwork has been shown at an array of alternative venues, not limited to COMA, artXposium and a solo show at Around the Coyote.

mini dutch is another apartment gallery in Logan Square directed by Lucia Fabio. Its mission is to show works in progress and site specific installation.

3111 W. Diversey first floor, Chicago. IL 60647
773.235.5687 :: ::
open Sunday 11am-3pm or call/email for appointment

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