Backseat Driver

May 20, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

This is a rock song/poem I wrote while at NEXT. I was imagining it played like a mid-eighties soft-metal song.

chorus: Cuz I’m a backseat driver

You better run for cover

The pressure’s movin’ right

We’ll drive on through the night

Just call me your MacGuyver


And when the sun go down

Just like the sun come up

Don’t matter either way babe

This truck’ll fill ‘er up


We got the mess on lockdown

We gave them folks the smack down

Calling the rebel yell

‘Fore the cops’d even crack down


bridge: It’s a whole new kinda law

the kind that I got goin on

You bettter stick with me man

‘Fore you get the hard con


One Response to “Backseat Driver”

  1. urbesque Says:

    why does the backseat driver sound russian?

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