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May 19, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

This just seemed like an incredible opportunity so I though it was worth passing along.

International Painting Camp – Tescani 2009
Sampling Spaces Project

Where: Romania, Bacau, Tescani – “Dumitru and Alice Rosetti – Tescanu – George Enescu” Department
Period: August 1 – 21st, 2009
Extended Deadline:

May 30th, 2009

The “George Enescu” National Museum (Bucharest), together with the „Dumitru and Alice Rosetti – Tescanu – George Enescu” Department (Tescani, Bacau) and The Museum of Art Bacau, invite artists from all countries, including Romania, to apply for the International Painting Camp – Tescani 2009 : August 1 – 21st, 2009.
The host institution will provide during the camp (21 days) the complete accommodation, including food and working materials, for 12 selected artists ( 6 from Romania, 6 from abroad).
The closing date for submissions is May 30th, 2009 (postmark)

General information
The project is part of a series of residencies programmes developed by The ”George Enescu” National Museum since 2007, intented to stimulate the contemporary creation in the field of music, literature and visual arts. The residences are held at „Dumitru and Alice Rosetti – Tescanu – George Enescu” Department and comprises important artistic involvments, from Romania and abroad, as well as partnerships with different cultural institutions, like ProHelvetia, Romanian Cultural Institut, The ”Iulian Antonescu” Museum, Bacau.

The project aims to generate and facilitate cultural and artistic exchange, promoting the mobility and interaction, as a unic way for an artist to enrich his experience. Artists from all countries, including Romania, working in the field of painting, graphic and illustration, interested of various forms of painting intervention, are eligible to apply. Selected artists will have the chance to work on a proposed project, but also to reconsider their current practices. They have the opportunity to directly familiarise themselves with the work of local and international artists, to exchange future projects. The works done within the project will be presented in group exhibition in Bucharest and will be published in a catalogue.


Sampling spaces
This idea covers the wide notion of space as it is perceived in light of the extension of urban space. The latter implies a new contextualization of what one understands by “space”. To mentally perceive space means to organize it. The current theme offers towards assessment various conceptions of space, suggesting deconstructive interpretations, abandonment of context, interference, and so on, without leaving out metaphors or illusory characteristics. One will encourage speculation of the whole range of tensions and emotional reactions which are brought forth when historical agreement on representation and description of space meets subjective and random perceptions.
Key words: manipulated images, quoted lines, elements emphasizing the architectural nature of space, the usage of figurative or abstract modules suggesting spaces in motion.
* Sampling (Engl.) = arrangement of existing visual or audio material with the main intention of playing with the material’s formal characteristics. Rather than quoting from the material, whose sources are often unclear, sampling aims to reformulate it.
Excerpt from Art Now, edited by Uta Grosenick & Burkhard Riemschneider, 2005, Taschen

How to apply
You can apply via e-mail, not later than May 30th, at the following or you can send the application directly to The “George Enescu” National Museum at the down address, together with the following documents:
– a curriculum vitae, comprising contact details (Word or PDF format)
– a recent photograph
– a work proposal, related to the project’s topic (not to exceed 1 page)
– 7 photographs of recent works (jpeg format for e-mail applications)

More pictures with the past edition of the project , 1 -21st August 2008 , including participating artists:

Organizing institution
The “George Enescu” National Museum (Bucharest) is dedicated to the greatest Romanian composer – George Enescu. The museum has three departments, the main in Bucharest (Cantacuzino Palace) and two other departments, that are also dedicated to George Enescu’s memory: Memorial House „Villa Luminis” (Sinaia, Prahova) and „Dumitru and Alice Rosetti – Tescanu – George Enescu” Cultural Centre (Tescani, Bacau). Host institution The Department “Dumitru and Alice Rosetti – Tescanu – George Enescu” is situated in Tescani county, 40 km from Bacau, a beautiful touristic region, surrounded by mountains and hills. The department hosts a Memorial House dedicated to George Enescu, being located in a former manor, that belonged to Princess Maria Cantacuzino, the composer’s wife. Due to its surrounding area, that offers an interesting setting in terms of landscape and culture, the department hosts, each year, international programmes of residencies for writers, visual artists and musicians, as well as concerts, exhibitions, conferences, summer schools.
Accommodation / Working conditions
The organizing institution will provide, as mentioned above, the complete accommodation, single, comfortable room, including 3 meals/per day and working materials. Artists are offered a shared equipped workshop and a plenty of space in open air, in the surrounding area.
see here pictures with venue & accommodation:
– complete accommodation, single comfortable room
– 3 meals / day (Romanian and international cuisine)
– working materials
– a shared equipped workshop
– access to technical support: computer, DVD player, video projector, screening and TV
– the transport costs only for Romanian area (from the airport to Tescani, and for the way back)

– Professional artists having a certain experience and achievement in the field of painting, drawing, illustration, are eligible to apply.
– No age limit
– Guest artists should be open to exchange with international artists.
The participants will be selected by a jury of curators and art critics.
– Working knowledge of English or French is required
– At the end of the project, each participant must deliver two works (done within the camp) for The „George Enescu” National Museum’s patrimony.
– Each participant must sign a contract with Terms of Agreement, accepting the project’s conditions of participation.
– Foreign artists must provide their own health insurance, as well as the travel costs
Acceptance of the rules of the camp:
The participants will sign a contract with Terms of Agreement, accepting the rules regarding the development of the project in good conditions.
All copyrights of the works remain with the artist together with the George Enescu National Museum and concern the following:
a) the possibility of printing photographs of each works and their free distribution to art critics, journalists, and the public
b) the public (free) exhibition and the projection of the videos of the works in different locations/venues or projects chosen by the organizing institution
c) the printing of the work together with other artworks in a special album/brochure and their free distribution to the public.
Postal address:
MUZEUL NATIONAL « GEORGE ENESCU » Bucuresti, Calea Victoriei, nr. 141, sector 1 ROMANIA
Tel: (021) 318.14.50 e-mail:
Contact person
Silvia Costin – artist & project coordinator
(+4) 0743554185
Project team
Silvia Costin – artist & project coordinator
Mariana Petrescu – PR & co-coordinator
Gabriela Ilas – project assistant
Aurelian Popovici – graphic designer
– Selected artists will be announced by June 15th, 2009
– The applications sent by post cannot be returned
– Please read carefully. Only complete applications will be considered.


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