May 18, 2009

– posted by Toby

This article, about the value of reading aloud, echoed my experience teaching, which mercifully ended (for the term), this past Friday. But as much as a I agree with (most of) what this piece has to say, I think it doesn’t go far enough. Sure, reading aloud is important and beneficial, but for many people, including 90 or so percent of my students, just reading at all would help. Many of my students are learning, using, and reading/writing English as a second language, and they seem determined to improve their command of English only through speaking. Some of them speak English pretty well now. But then, when they are forced to read or write, all the problems come out. A student who has no problem using “there” when speaking is revealed, when writing, to have no clue whatsoever which version of that word to use. A problem fixed only through reading. Language must be seen.


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