May 10, 2009

posted by Kaitlyn Miller


Movie posters as art is nothing new. Collector’s have been tracking down original posters from Saul Bass for decades and movie promoters have mimicked his work more recently (ie: the poster for the Cohen Bros. Burn After Reading and Spike Lee’s Clockers). Great movie posters generally come from great graphic designers and blogger Film the Blanks has taken this idea to heart.

Film the Blanks ( is a blog that takes movie posters from all genres and decades and creates minimalist, blocky versions of them – skewing the original movie poster, yet retaining essential elements necessary to identify what film the images belong to.

Your browser may not support display of this image.

Film the Blanks could be considered movie poster as art as trivia. New posters are posted each week and visitors of the site are given a chance to guess which original poster the remake mimics. Select posters are also available for sale as individual prints.

Film the Blanks has been blanking posters since May of 2008 and given the unlimited amount of material available, shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Artists, movie buffs, and graphic geeks should definitely check this out.


One Response to “Movie {POSTERS}”

  1. Josh Says:

    Thanks for this!

    I have blog I need to maintain for my Design Issues in Media class and I’m currently doing a series of entries on movie poster trends. I’m going to devote one to that Saul Bass look and this Film the Blanks blog is a great catch.

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