If you’re in Philadelphia…

May 9, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

you should check out Seraphin Gallery tonight!

going zoo detail

“My Dog Speaks: An Animal Narrative in Contemporary Art” An animal narrative in contemporary art, curated by Seraphin artist Hiro Sakaguchi. Twelve emerging and established artists will participate in this group exhibition in which animals play the central role. This will include a variety of mediums such as paintings, drawings, and sculpture. Through each work, these artists view, interact, and imagine animals in their own setting, highlighting the ever apparent bond between humans and their four legged, and at times, two legged friends.

going zoo caroline picard detail

May 9 – June 9, 2009

I’m showing 2 pieces, one of which is below (detail shots above). It’s called “Going Zoo” and was inspired by a conversation about the bestiality documentary “Zoo.”

going zoo

there is also this review of the movie from the new york times.

Into the Shadowy World of Sex With Animals

Published: NYT April 25, 2007

The director Robinson Devor apparently would like viewers who watch his heavily reconstructed documentary, “Zoo,” to see it as a story of ineluctable desire and human dignity. Shot on Super 16-millimeter film, with many scenes steeped in a blue that would have made Yves Klein envious, “Zoo” is, to a large extent, about the rhetorical uses of beauty and metaphor and of certain filmmaking techniques like slow-motion photography. It is, rather more coyly, also about a man who died from a perforated colon after he arranged to have sex with a stallion.

go here to read the rest of the review.


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