This Summer: A Literary Tour Coming to a Town Near You

May 4, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

We’re teaming up this summer with some bang up authors to go on  a nation-wide tour performing The Dollar Store Show. We’re coming to:

Chicago Launch Party, July 2nd
Tennessee, Fri, July 3rd
Austin, Sun, July 5th
Houston, Mon, July 6th
New Orleans, Tue, July 7th
Atlanta, Thu, 9th
Washington DC, Sat 11th
New York City, Sun, 12th
Brooklyn, Mon, 13th
Boston, Tue 14th
Buffalo, Wed 15th
Detroit, Thu 16th

The Dollar Store is a mixture of comedy and literary readings where everything is inspired by junk bought at a dollar store. It’s been featured on National Public Radio and in major newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times and Tribune. The show has sold out it’s Chicago home for 3 years running, and has successfully toured to St.Louis and New York. More information can be found here: This summer we’re embarking on the biggest Dollar Store Tour yet! This tour will include the following authors, (at various times). The books, reading series, and presses they represent are in parentheses. Amelia Gray (AM/PM , Featherproof Books, 5 Things Austin reading series), Caroline Picard (Green Lantern Press, The Parlor reading series), Zach Dodson (boring boring boring, Featherproof Books, The Show ‘n Tell series), Mary Hamilton, and Lindsay Hunter (QUICKIES! reading series), Jac Jemc (The Rejection Collection ), Blake Butler (Scorch Atlas, Featherproof, EVER, Calamari, Lamination Colony), Patrick Somerville (Trouble, Vintage, The Cradle, Little, Brown), and of course Jonathan Messinger (Hiding Out , Featherproof Books, The Dollar Store reading series). We’ll also ask some local readers from [YOUR CITY], to contribute their own Dollar Store Stories to the performance. We’ll be doing a full press campaign, as well as street promotion and on our websites,, and I’d be happy to point you to past press for any of our series or book reviews.

It’s going to be awesome. We’ve already rented the white van.

You can see more about it by going here.


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