Red Iceberg

April 30, 2009

posted by Meredith Kooi


Marco Evaristti

I came across an old MSNBC article a while ago about a red iceberg that cause[d] a stir in Greenland”. The article talks about artist Marco Evaristti and his seemingly lunatic projects involving icebergs and paint and goldfish and blenders. At first, his comment about the iceberg belonging to him and his then ability to do what he wanted with it disturbed me. It actually really pissed me off. How could someone actually believe that Mother Nature “belongs to all of us”? Hell, Mother Nature belongs to none of us, really. However, I went to his website to find out if that comment was as egotistical as I originally thought it to be. Turns out, it is not. I actually like it. (Damn the media! I should’ve realized more blatantly the bias!)

The iceberg project mentioned in the article is part of a larger project called Pink State – where Pink State “is a pure utopia. A state of mind.” The project questions the constructions of borders and territories, and it calls for people to become citizens in the Brotherhood Union. The iceberg, in its manifestation as the Ice Cube Project, becomes part of this overarching community of the Pink State along with Mont Blanc as The Mont Rouge Project and other places. The places are physically real, but the actual “territory” of the Pink State is not; it is broader than the geographically and politically constructed borders that surround the places.

The Pink State has a constitution, and it states in Section II that:

§ 5 As a citizen of Pink State you are required to be good to yourself

§ 6 As a citizen of Pink State you are required to be good to others

§ 7 As a citizen of Pink State you are required to be good to nature

I like the sound of that. Without borders, would there be violence?

One Response to “Red Iceberg”

  1. cassandre Says:

    I like that being good to nature means using Red Dye #40 on her.

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