In Regards to Passion

April 21, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

I’ve been working up a list of faux-smut-novel-hipster titles, and after coming up a relative blank, appealed to a court of trusty friends. This is what we came up with. Eat your heart out Harlequin.

The Leacherous Mr. Darcy
Runs with the Lions Bathes with the Dogs
Passionate Breezes
Discrete Humps
Mansion Lass & the Cad
Hott Letters
A Midlothian Remonstrance
French Handshakes
Touched by an Arrow
Cupid’s Tip
In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower
Quivers & Shivers
Absinthe Abstinence
Half-Time Show
More Than A Feeling
Disco Freaks
Slumber Party in the Loft of Love
Chain’d Beauty
Untam’d Love and Sex
Scarr’d Nun
You’re Not Stupid, You’re Sexy
Letters from V
Sunset at Lombardy
Erotic Ghost
Passion á Provence
Bathe Me
Spoon Me
Dancing with Satyrs
Eros’ Lullabye
…and a Hand to Hold
Brad Sends His Regards…
I’d Like to…But I Won’t
Hold the Bun
I’d Like to…But I Won’t 2: It’s Been 10 Years and I’m Ready Now
Disappearing into the Valley
Breakfast in Bed
Midnight: Dangerous
A Lover in Peril
Skeletor My Heart
Third Marriage Masthead
Engraved Vagina
Woman Juice
Perverts on Horseback
Where the Fox & The Peacock Kiss
Lust & Cashmere
China Doll
My Music Lesson
Dans La Maison
Your Cabin Boy
Penny Saver
The Devil!
Hey Sailor
Mirabye Knight
O Naked Boy
Clown of Love
Crimson and Covered
Fourth Meal
Lucas the Rodeo Clown
Lucas in Arabia
Who’s the Boss
In the Air Tonight
Chablis Soiree
Land of Lakes

The Turtle Head and a Foxhole


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