Without You I Am Nothing: A New Review!

April 19, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

I just came across this article by Bert Stabler and thought you might enjoy it. I’ve included the first few paragraph here:

Without You I am Nothing

Various Artists
Green Lantern, March 27th – April 25th, 2009

withoutyou_1In the recent edition of local Marxist pamphlet, “The Platypus Review”, David Harvey writes portentously of the dire consequences of ignoring his repeated insistence on “the geographical dynamics of capitalism” and “the production of spaces, places, and environments.” He goes on to present a believable, albeit not terribly radical, lay analysis of contracting global markets, but the zeitgeisty Situationist spatial motifs of the defanged aesthetic left seemed to be what he wanted to leave behind for his reader to mull over. It seems these days that the specter of the map is inescapable in the attempt to reclaim utopia, with the universal inhabiting the particular even more vividly in the cozy social microcosm than in Harvey’s attempt at a grand picture.

you can read the rest by following this link.


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