Tax Day Tea Protest and Sex Changes

April 15, 2009

I know that this isn’t quite the literary content that is the grist of this blog, but I thought this was historical and interesting and subversive enough to sneak in:

On April 15, 2009 in Chicago conservatives flooded the Federal Plaza downtown to protest taxes. One sign in particular stood out: below is an image of a local activist, who one local in the Plaza referred to as a “hooligan and a sneakthief” holding a sign that reads

“Taxing Medical Expenses??? Hands Off Uncle $am!!! Support O’Donnabhain v. Commissioner”




For those of you who don’t know, O’Donnabhain is a current case where the IRS will not let Mr. O’Donnabhain deduct his sex change in spite of the fact that medical procedures are generally deductable.

Needless to say there were more than a few grumblings about using this anti-tax protest to call attention to the plight of individuals stuck in the wrong bodies.

Also, in addition to the young hooligan above (who was making fun of the protestors in a language that only tax lawyers and professors could understand), the metaphors were confusing in Federal Plaza. There were quite a few signs condemning Obama for being “Robin Hood” without making clear when Robin Hood became bad. There were quite a few signs about holding onto guns, without making clear how that fits into an anti-tax perspective. My favorite (besides for the fellow above) was the 3 little girls who were pulled out of school so that they could be there wearing balls and chains. When I asked the father why he did this, he said that he just wanted them to have an opportunity to have their voices heard. Below are there Halloween Tax Day Costumes:



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