Poet Twins

April 12, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard


I came across a pretty great article on some Poet twins in New York City. You can read a synopsis by going here, though you’ll have to check out the original magazine (library?) if you want to read its entire. You can also listen on-line to both Michael & Matthew Dickman reading their poems by visiting “From the Fishouse” an audio archive of emerging poets.  Allegedly, one of them made out with Ginsberg, which, allegedly, was the beginning of a career. Setting all the flash of brotherhood aside, it’s well-worth checking out some of the readings; I certainly enjoyed those more than the poems in the article, which I think played more on the trope of their twin poet practice than it did their craft. From what I gather, their poems interlock, or respond back and forth, while at the same time being totally autonomous.

The article is nevertheless worth checking out, mulling over, fetishizing, rebuking, unfetishizing, considering, and concluding. All I know is I feel like I’d rather these fellows be in my tabloids than Brittany, Angelina or Simpson combined. Wouldn’t that be marvelous? Front and center of the Enquirer “Poet Twins Fall Out Again,” in which the whole article would be dedicated to the argument they had over continental breakfast, revealing how one signed a book deal without the other. Beside the Enquirer, OK! reports that the twins are going to have a double wedding, they are already pregnant, composing poems to haughty and ardent eyebrows. STAR says one twin is in the middle of a nervous breakdown and the other can’t write anymore.

See? It would be brilliant. The punchline could always go back to wincing muse.

Of course, the brand of twinship is problematic, and as far as I can tell has always been problematic to every twin. So if the New Yorker does it, does that make it OK?



2 Responses to “Poet Twins”

  1. cassandre Says:

    I have a theory that twins can never achieve greatness, so excuse me if I don’t believe that these two poets can be good.

  2. urbesque Says:

    dear cassandre-
    are you simply a twin-hater? i suspect not. might you expound upon said twin theory?

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