Call For Entries

April 10, 2009


CALL FOR ENTRY : Seeking Art Bargain Basement

NFO XPO, Version Fest ’09, April 25th & 26th

Artists, need CASH?? Do you have surplus ART?? Clear out your studios and make way for new work by selling your outdated, rejected, and remaindered art for cash in the Seeking Art Bargain Basement!

Seeking Art Bargain Basement:  The first bargain basements appeared in 1909 as an effort by department stores to move unwanted merchandise. Selling surplus goods at discounted prices cleared the way for new products, catered to the consumer’s desire to acquire hidden gems for less than their worth, and allowed lower-income shoppers to participate in the trendy new world of mass-produced goods.  The Seeking Art Bargain Basement is applying the same economic and psychological principles to the art market by uniting artist’s leftover work with shoppers seeking affordable art. Come celebrate the 100th anniversary of the bargain basement by exploring the model of recycling unwanted objects and challenging the notion that certain items are only for the wealthy.

Details: All work will be accepted, including sketches, old prints, works-in-progress, and multiple submissions by one artist.  Work may be priced at any amount less than $100, with all money going to the artist.  To submit, include Artist Name, Name of Piece, Date made, Medium and Price along with your piece and contact info or a SASE for the return of unsold work. Pick ups can be arranged within the Chicago area or mail work to: Seeking Art, 7314 N. Bell Ave, Chicago, IL 60645.

For more information, visit or
Deadline:  April 20.
Contact with questions or to schedule a pick up.


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