The Power of ‘g’

April 7, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

As you may or may not know, the green lantern participated in the Creative Chicago Expo last weekend. It was amazing. We had a lot of incredible conversations with  a number of amazing folks (ranging from zine-dude to young poet-with-his-mom-doing research-on-how-to-get-published to pr lady who asked me a slough of questions about why on earth writers would ever want to donate their writing: a fair question). At any rate, one woman approached me and told me about an article that documented the hip virtues of the letter ‘g.’ She promised me she’d send me the article, and then she did. So I thought I’d link to it here, because even if the City of Chicago doesn’t get how awesome we are, other people are talking.

For the record, the lower case ‘g’ was all Jason Bacasa who has designed all of our books, our website, everything….he’s amazing.

“While the letter W has its fans (W magazine, the W Hotels, the Broadway show “Wicked”), the spunky little lowercase g is making headway in the worlds of design and pop culture.

“Playful, unassuming—a merry little snowman in a sea of somber stick figures—g benefits from the Internet, which favors lower-case letters, and the green movement, which prefers it to the more imposing capital G used by Gatorade.”

If you want to read the rest of this article, go here! The Chicago Tribune said…..


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