Food as Art

March 29, 2009

posted by Kaitlyn Miller


Food as Art

Bento is a single-serving take-out or homecooked meal common in Japanese cuisine. Generally, they consist of rice, meat or fish and pickled or cooked vegetables. Bentos have been a part of the Japanese culture for a vast part of their history, dating back to the Kamakara period (1185-1333). Even today, modern Japanese homemakers are known to spend considerable amounts of time and energy producing an appealing lunch.

Being an American, bentos are something that I’m not very familiar with. I was amazed when I came across a popular blog created by Pikko titled “Adventures in Bentomaking.”  Pikko is a mom who decided to create this blog in an effort to show the public what bento was. Some of her most impressive bentos include images that are drawn from popular culture. Your browser may not support display of this image.


This particular bento box features the character Ben from the popular TV show Lost. Everything included in this work of art is edible and actually something that she eats as her lunch. She meticulously spent four hours constructing each part of the scene and lays out the process in the blog so that the reader can to take a stab at making it. The creations on the blog are pretty remarkable and definitely display food as art.

One Response to “Food as Art”

  1. planoaddlct Says:

    this is incredible. anybody can turn food into art; but this person’s food art is INCREDIBLE!

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