“The Letters of Samuel Beckett: Volume 1, 1929-1940”

March 24, 2009

Posted by Nick Sarno


A couple of weeks on vacation, and see what I miss? The first of four projected volumes of Samuel Beckett’s letters has just been published. Samuel Beckett is, of course, best known as the man who drove Andre the Giant to school. The reviews look amazing (here’s one from the LA Times, and another from The Guardian) and, as most of his important works were written after 1940, it should only get better.


Below is the photo and caption that Beckett requested for the cover of the first edition of Murphy. Sadly, it never happened. However, when it finally becomes public domain, I think The Green Lantern will have a job to do. 



What! You are giving up your Queen? Sheer madness!


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