Chiron: A Contest

March 21, 2009

posted and written by Caroline Picard

So. Obviously everyone should come to the perfomance tonight, “Dancing Men From High Windows.” It starts at 7 pm, there is no charge to get it, it’s BYOB, and it will be fantastic. Also, everyone should wish Toby a Happy Birthday. Because it’s his turn.

With such business out of the way, I would like to announce a contest. I came across this photo a few weeks, if not months, ago. From what I gather, this fellow calls himself “Chiron.” His costume was so compelling that I did not question the capacity of his back legs until last weekend. I woke up with an inexplicable curiosity. I have made no headway as yet–I have no scheme that would explain the centaur’s locomotion. I am stuck wondering.

Since there is no way that this post falls into the category of either literarture or art, (one might stretch a little and call it performance, but I wouldn’t take that leap myself), I see no other way to handle this than to post a challenge:


How do these back legs work? Please supply a short description of the inner mechanism of this costume, and, if necessary, supplementary (they can be crude) diagrams. While you are welcome to spend as much time on this as you like, I would suggest spending no more than thirty minutes. Likely 10 minutes would suffice. Whomever supplies the best explanation wins a free copy of our most super fancy North Georgia Gazette (getting printed as we speak), and will be published on the blog. Other delightful suggestions will be published as well. If you could submit these suggestions by Saturday, March 28th at 11:58 pm I would be most grateful.

On an added note, if anyone has any other thoughts on the matter, we’ll post them.


2 Responses to “Chiron: A Contest”

  1. urbesque Says:

    So far I’ve received these answers via email:
    1)what do you mean how? how does a horse move it back legs… wheels. (lucas t. ford)
    2) Oh, and Chris thinks that the way the centaur (wow. just wow.) moves is that his hind legs don’t actually touch the ground. Like the whole apparatus is wired. Do you thnk that would work out with the weight of it? I had considered the possibility of wheels but he pointed out that wheels would probably get all yucked up in the grass. (sarah stickney)
    3) maybe the back feet have inlaid wheels!(devin king)

    i want to believe that somehow there are interior wires rigged up to his front legs, such that when he moves his real legs, he raises the alternating back legs. too complicated perhaps.


  2. urbesque Says:

    4)i don’t have any theories but i have a lot of captions. like, “of course my parents are proud of me, why do you ask?” and “i’ll give you a dollar to scratch my ass”. Or:
    “do these pants make my ass look fat?”
    “that cape makes you look ridiculous”
    “thank god for adult diapers. ahhhhhh”
    (chris natali)

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