Behold The Wizard of Oz

March 19, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard


For the last several weeks, the gallery has been dark. Pitch dark – the windows  blacked out with layers of trash bags, such that Jink’s show, “The Queen’s Tailor” could screen well and bright. Luminous images flickered throughout the space, casting strange shadows. I stopped noticing after a while, though the first day, the day after the opening, I left the kitchen and went to the desk and sat down, suddenly overwhelmed with a sense of closterphobia. The film was not yet running, and the darkness created felt thick and heavy as a blanket. I grew to like it. I called it a ‘den’ and, on many days, didn’t leave the gallery until four or five in the afternoon-blinking and nearly blind because I had grown so accustomed to the dark. I hardly knew that spring was upon us.



and then…just yesterday, after the very last group came to see the very last screening. I heard them pad down the stairs – Mat took his hard drive away, there was no choice to watch the piece even once more.

And I tore the darkness down.



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