The Last of The Queen’s Tailor

March 15, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

Today is the final screening of Mat Jinks‘ show “The Queen’s Tailor.” It’s been incredible to host Mat’s work–it’s a great one-piece exhibit; the windows are blacked out and the movie is projected on a screen that resembles a drive-in-movie screen, except of course that it is only about four feet tall. If you have any interest in a last huzza with this video, come by. We’ll have some coffee, and tea, cookies. A proper matinee. Between 2 and 5 p.m., the doors will be open – which is to say, you’re invited to come in. We will also be screening scenes from The Man In The White Suit, a film with Alec Guinness which inspired Jinks’ piece.

I thought, also, I might add some of the quotations that are used in “The Queen’s Tailor.” These are printed, additionally, on a brochure that is available at the gallery.

“What harm have the hair done,

you shave them a hundred times,

Why not shave the mind,

that’s filled with poisonous thoughts?”


“A remarkable perculiarity is that they (the English) always write the personal pronouns I with a capital letter. May we not consider this great I as an unintended proof how much an Englishman thinks of his own consequences?”

-Robert Southey, Letters from England.


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