Esperanto Creative

March 11, 2009


Attn: Product Engineers
American Honda Motors
1919 Torrance Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90501

28 September 2004

Dear Product Engineers for Civic,

Greatness does not demand grandeur, but it does demand the possibility of extension. To achieve greatness one must extend beyond expectations. The modern individual demands greatness and seeks it in the external.

A person should not be limited by the limitations of their vehicles. In choosing a means of transportation one should acquire a sense of freedom, a sense of girth, a sense of surprise. What is inside should not fear the external. What is outside should be inviting to the car. And the car and the driver should be prepared.

The Extend is a small variation of utility that can be added to any Honda model. Nevertheless, its addition is exponential. The Extend edition is the next season’s step in Honda design. It involves a reconception of a trunk’s purpose and a car’s abilities. With the Extend, one need not choose between a compact lifestyle and a utility vehicle any longer. With the Extend, the virtues of horizontal humility are no longer bound by its apparent boundaries. With the Extend, less is more has never been more true.

The Extend innovation relocates the seams of the trunk, expanding its utility with the addition of a second hinge. The seam of the trunk will no longer bend towards the bumper. It will run directly along the right angle of the trunk. The existing hinge will remain in its usual position below the central rear window. The new hinge will find itself just below the rear license plate like a tailgate. Each piece can be secured and opened independently of the other, and each piece will offer the possibility of either vertical or horizontal extension. The original purpose of the trunk is preserved, but the new possibilities are now manifold.

Inside the trunk there would be several minor additions to accommodate the new modifications. Netting would line the sides of the trunk to ensure the stability of certain loose items. This elastic netting would provide side pockets for daily life, but on those occasions when the tailgate is down the netting could be stretched around the extended object and secured at the opposite end of the trunk.
One last addition that would maximize the benefits of the Extend would be a series of small grounding hooks on either side of the trunk that would facilitate the use of bungee chords and ropes. These additions, albeit small, allow the Extend a rare blend of security and grandeur.

The Extend offers an ideal meeting point between company and consumer. It is an innovation that does not jeopardize the form, integrity, or economy of the car. It is a simple adjustment, but one that would ensure Honda’s place at the cusp of innovation.

Moshe Zvi Marvit & Caroline Picard
Strategists, Esperanto Creative


2 Responses to “Esperanto Creative”

  1. Jim Harding Says:

    With the economy the way it is, Esperanto Creative should work on writing cover letters for unemployed and recently laid-off individuals. So bold. So straightforward.

    • urbesque Says:

      i wonder what the market value would be for such a service….what do you think? i bet $50 would be too high. i like the idea of that as a service, however. no consulting, no nothing, just writing up letters.

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