An Exasperation

March 9, 2009

First of all, let’s answer the question, “What is an Exasperation?”

Well, it’s a group name. These are some other group names:

A murmuration of starlings
A mischief of mice
A coalition of cheetahs
A confusion of guinea fowl
A bob of seals

“But,” you say, “what individual things make up an exasperation? And does it always have to be animals?”

No, it doesn’t always have to be animals. But we’re going to find out what else it can be. Maybe it’s parking tickets. Maybe it’s setbacks. Maybe it’s ex-lovers.

Maybe it’s An Exasperation Of…

…Of Comments

There’s a video on YouTube called “How to Fake Abs.” It is terrible. Watch it right now, and you will see that it is terrible. It was terrible, right? But we’re not here to discuss how or why it’s terrible. We’re hear to discuss the poor quality of the comments this video spawned.

Like this one from hehero00,

**they have an invasion called anti depression pills take them instead of this cheap knock off way**

Thanks for the tip, I always enjoy taking invasions.

The Ab video also generated some video responses, such as this one. You understood this was a response video, right? Because the title has “Re:” in it? You understood that there was another video that came before it? joikacake didn’t:

**how did you come up with this idea? hilarious =D**

But the next one is worse. There is more wrong with borednicky than just boredom:

**lol was think how ppl do that now i can do it lol only jokin. and sill laffin**

Ok, so YouTube’s community produces some questionable ideas and writing. You’re not surprised, are you? I’m not either. But the New York Times should be better, right? Different kind of community, perhaps better educated, and perhaps most importantly: the comments are edited. So, we would expect to find better worded, better written, more coherent comments at the New York Times. And we do. To some extent. I mean, yes, they are better, but…. Well, this comment was in response to an editorial titled “Mr. Rove Talks, but Doesn’t Answer,” from The New York Times.

**”…quite possibly for poilitical reasons..”, regarding

a rival politician’s freedom? How can such a matter seem

to be so matter of fact, in this democracy, in 2008?

What have we come to and where is the great outrage? We

have been numbed by the audacity of Bush-Cheney-Rove. And the media bears a lot of responsibility for allowing

such atrocities, as we all do, for just watching these evildoers go about their acts and letting them get away

with it.


–TH Beyer, Toronto**

I appreciate the poetic line breaks, I really do. And I think I like the “lie” at the end. But what am I supposed to do with these comments? What is anyone supposed to do with them?

The Brightside

From “The Final Score,” a Newsday sports blog post, posing the question: “…who will win more games this season – Joba Chamberlain or Pedro Martinez?”

**Posted by Nick | June 2, 2008 13:43
If Pedro stays healthy, then he has my vote. If not – Joba has that win.**

**Posted by Anthony Rieber | June 2, 2008 13:54
Way to go out on a limb, Nick**


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