Blu, Street Artist

March 8, 2009


Blu, Street Artist

by Kaitlyn Miller

 A friend of mine recently introduced me to the works of Italian street artist Blu. He is known for his large, often surreal artwork presented in public spaces. Blu creates a two-dimensional works of art across various landscapes that he later turns into a stop-motion film, allowing his art to take on a whole new persona. The sheer size and detail put into each movement of the graffitied scene is remarkable, given the amount of time that must have gone into the planning alone. Blu’s artwork is unique in that it presents itself as legalized street graffiti – while simultaneously covering other, non-sanctioned street art. 

MUTO is an incredible piece of Blu’s work in which his characters crawl across the walls and buildings of Buenos Aires and Baden, Germany. 

Another amazing video to check out is Blu in Berlin

You can find other works by Blu on his website: 


2 Responses to “Blu, Street Artist”

  1. ianni490 Says:

    His illustrations are stunning.

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