Regarding a Business License: Part Three (the conclusion)

March 6, 2009

posted and written by Caroline Picard


The Real Question:
What Does This All Mean?


1) The Green Lantern will finish up it’s season. In addition to other programming, there are two more shows, a Providence Rhode Island show curated by Anne Elizabeth Moore, and a solo show by L.A. artist (and former Chicago resident) Jenny Walters.

2) Those events will be “private parties.” As with any of our upcoming events, paper print out “invitations” will be available at the front door.

3) I will continue to send out Press Releases; For all Press Announcements I will not include our physical address. I will include my phone number.

4) I will continue to send out event announcements to everyone one my mailing list. Those emails too, I believe, count as an invitation.

5) Following Jenny Walter’s show in June, the Green Lantern Gallery will close its exhibition programming.

6) The Parlor will continue to run throughout the course of next year.

7) The Green Lantern Press will likewise continue.

8) From June 2009-June 2010, I will be working with an extensive group of people, to seek out a new location for the Green Lantern Gallery.

9) The goal is to re-open the Green Lantern Gallery in September of 2010.

Please, of course, feel free to contact me about any and all of this. I’d love to talk to anyone about this. I know it will feel sad. It is sad. It is an incredible community, we have, and the Green Lantern has always been fortunate to have your support. Indeed, the only reason it is anything at all is because all of you participate in it. Nevertheless, this is not the end, it is rather a pause. And pauses can be good. Closing in June affords the time and space to look ahead and create something that will be permanent and, I’m sure, something different. For instance, it will probably not be an apartment gallery forever.

While I love the apartment space (it’s a form near and dear my heart, as you all know), there is probably a good reason that they turn over and transform so rapidly.

Ok. I could go on forever.


I should probably just save it for my gournal.



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