City Officials and Alt. Arts Spaces

March 2, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

A friend sent me a link to this site today; posted on Gaper’s Block, AV-aerie is now closed due to a visit from City Officials. Lord only knows what’s going on in this city, but it seems pretty odd from where I stand. It’s like every artspace is some speakeasy and for whatever reason the teeatolers have decided to crack down…..Anyway, I’ll think more on it.


3 Responses to “City Officials and Alt. Arts Spaces”

  1. what if Chicago galleries just went underground? made every part of what the do secret? required fake names and secret devices and handshakes to gain entrance?

    at the very least, it may be more fun.

  2. urbesque Says:

    i’m totally into secret handshakes. so yes
    and dice
    and roosters

  3. AV-aerie Says:

    over large chunks of our time have been spent with underground handshakes and secret locations.

    the point is privacy. hyper-secrecy.

    you can only five-point slap back heels and tweak subtle thumb rubs so often.

    perhaps one large private club.

    membership shared amongst like spaces.

    membership regulated.

    no narcs.

    we’re all the same you know.

    anyone who reads this is ninety percent likely to vote the same as you across ten categories.

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