Damien Franco | Flipping Through Sketches

February 28, 2009

posted by Caroline Picard

I found this post a few weeks ago, but now it seems to have been taken down. To that end, I thought I’d direct you to this fellow’s blog and copy and paste what he said about SKETCHES.

Flipping Through Sketches

Posted on December 6, 2008

by Damien Franco


Often times, as almost every artist I know, I find myself in a creative slump.  Perhaps it’s the area that I  live in.  Midland, TX doesn’t seem to inspire me as a contemporary photographer and that may have to do  with me having grown up here, but it shouldn’t stop me.  Still… I find myself in a creative slump.  I don’t think I’ve taken my camera out in a couple weeks which is rare.  Too many excuses.  Too little time.  Too many excuses.  But even when I don’t find myself capturing images, I still spend time looking at photographs.  Reading  books on photography and art really helps me to cope with these down times.  Currently reading (or rather flipping through): Sketches: Organizing Arts edited by Elizabeth Chodos +  Kerry Schneider
Really enjoying so much about it.  It’s a great insight into the creative minds of arts administrators.

Sometimes I feel like I would be a better curator than an artist.  I guess I’m too hard on myself  sometimes.

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